Nuffield Giving Day 2020

Our 2020 Giving Day took place from Sunday 29 November to Tuesday 1 December.

2020 was all about connecting with each other.

On Sunday 29 November 2020, some of our students called alumni and friends all over the world to see how they are doing and to inspire them with what our early career researchers have been working on during this challenging year. 

COVID-19 has disrupted all our lives in many different ways, including the work of our young researchers here at Nuffield. We have set up a new spend-down fund to help our Postdoctoral Fellows respond quickly to these disruptions and directly support their world-class research. We hope that you will consider giving to this Early Career Research Fund.

Gifts of any size matter to us immensely, but there is no obligation to give if now is not the right time.

Meet our 2020 student callers below or donate to Nuffield College online.

Alicia García Sierra

I am Alicia and I come from León in Spain. I am a first-year DPhil student in Sociology and my research focuses on the intergenerational transmission of inequalities.

Given the extraordinary situation of my first months here, I have felt very lucky to be part of this warming and welcoming community and I have really enjoyed the place and the environment. I'm looking forward to hearing alumni’s memories of Nuffield and knowing a little bit more about their lives after Oxford!

Max Marczinek

I am Max from Berlin, Germany, where I also did my undergraduate degree in Economics. Currently, I am studying for the MPhil in Economics; my main research interests are trade and economic history.

What I like most about Nuffield is how even the furthest place in the world is only some alumni away - Nuffield really is a small place, despite being so international. I am looking forward to hearing from our alumni and chatting about how Nuffield has changed over the years.

Tanisha Mohapatra

I am second-year MPhil Politics student focusing on comparative government. My research interests are in political economy and political participation specifically, the impact of macro and policy specific economic conditions on voting behaviour. Prior to Oxford, I completed a BA in Economics and Government at Cornell University.

My favourite thing about Nuffield (besides the lunch of course) is the closeness of the community and the rich interactions it offers with students and fellows alike. I also love how international Nuffield is. Personally, I was born and raised in India, and studied and worked in the United States before coming to the UK. I've similarly had the chance to get to know people from so many parts of the world here. I look forward to getting to know our alumni, hearing about what they've been up to and discussing how much or how little has changed at Nuffield over the years.

Felicia Rankl

I am a first-year MPhil student in Politics, and my broader research interests lie in voting behaviour, redistribution, and political economy. My own research focuses on how ecological threats affect voters’ attitudes and voting behaviour, in particular with regards to climate change. Prior to coming to Oxford, I studied at the University College London (UCL), where I also worked as a research assistant on a public health project related to COVID-19 for six months.

I have really enjoyed my time at Nuffield so far. Especially in times like these, it has been lovely to be welcomed into such a close-knit community. I am really interested in hearing where life has led Nuffield alumni and any advice they may have for a first-year student like me.

Lynnea Shuck

I'm studying for an MPhil in Political Theory.

I'm excited to learn about the pivotal role Nuffield has played in our alumni's lives. Hearing alumni's stories and seeing what they have gone on to do inspires me to consider how I can use the tools I have learned here to give back and contribute to my community.