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  • 2006-W05 Retracted.
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  • 2005-W17 Neil Shephard Stochastic volatility. To appear in New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, (edited by Steven Durlauf and Lawrence Blume), 2006.
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*This paper has been circulated on paper as well as electronically.

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*This paper has been circulated on paper as well as electronically.

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  • 2001-W8 Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen and Neil Shephard - Higher order variation and stochastic volatility models, replaced by 2001-W18 which appeared in Bernoulli, 2003, 9, 243--265.
  • *2001-W7 Luca Nunziata and Stefano Staffolani - On Short-Term Contracts Regulations. Now published as 'Short Term Contracts Regulations and Dynamic Labour Demand: Theory and Evidence', Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 54, Number. 1, pp. 72-104, February 2007.
  • *2001-W5 Giulio Federico and David Rahman - Bidding in an electricity pay-as-bid auction. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2003, 24 (2) 175-211.
  • 2001-W1 Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen and Neil Shephard - Integrated OU Processes. Revised paper is now called Integrated OU processes and non-Gaussian OU-based stochastic volatility models, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 2003, 30, 277--295.

*This paper has been circulated on paper as well as electronically.

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  • 2000-W19 David Myatt - Strategic Voting Incentives in a Three Party System - Available Soon

*This paper has been circulated on paper as well as electronically.

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  • 1999-W13 Michael K Pitt and Neil Shephard, Auxiliary variable based particle filters, in A. Doucet, J.F.G. de Freitas and N.J. Gordon (eds.) Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000), forthcoming.

*This paper has been circulated on paper as well as electronically.

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  • 1998-W13. Bent Nielsen and Anders Rahbek, Similarity Issues in Cointegration Models, is published in Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, vol. 62, p. 5-22. (2000).
  • 1998-W5 Michael K Pitt and Neil Shephard (1999), Time Varying Covariances: A Factor Stochastic Volatility Approach (with discussion), In J.M. Bernardo, J.O. Berger, A.P. Dawid and A.F.M. Smith (eds.) Bayesian Statistics 6, Proceedings of the Sixth Valencia International Meeting 547-570 (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

*This paper has been circulated on paper as well as electronically.

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  • 1997-W13 Michael K Pitt and Neil Shephard, Filtering via simulation: auxiliary particle filter. J. American Statistical Association (1999), 95, 590-9.
  • 1997-W12 Bent Nielsen. The Likelihood Ratio Test for Rank in Bivariate Canonical Correlation Analysis. Biometrika (1999), 86, 279-288.
  • 1997-W10 Bent Nielsen. On the Distribution of Tests of Cointegration. Econometric Reviews (2004), 23, 1-23.
  • 1997-W8. Jurgen A Doornik, Gerrit Draisma and Marius Ooms Introduction to Ox. This link is to a zipped file containing both a paper and software examples.
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  • W26, revised version of W3 Sangjoon Kim, Neil Shephard and Siddhartha Chib Stochastic volatility: likelihood inference and comparison with ARCH models. Review of Economic Studies, (1998) 65, 361--93
  • W22&116. Jonathan Temple & Hans-Joachim Voth, "Human capital, equipment investment, and industrialization." European Economic Review, July 1998, 42(7), 1343-1362.
  • W21&114. Jonathan Temple & Paul Johnson, Social capability and economic development,, Abstract. Zipped version.. A much revised version of this paper appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Economics. August 1998, 113(3), 965-990 under the title "Social Capability and Economic Growth".

  • W20&113. Michael K Pitt & Neil Shephard, Analytic convergence rates and parameterisation issues for the Gibbs sampler applied to state space models. Journal of Time Series Analysis, (1999), 20, 63-85.
  • W18&106. Jonathan Temple, "Testing the augmented Solow Model. "Journal of Applied Econometrics, July-August 1998, 13(4), 361-375.
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  • W15&108, revised as W27. Neil Shephard & Michael K Pitt, `Likelihood inference for non-Gaussian measurement time series,' (1997) Biometrika, 84, 653-67.
  • W12. Guido W Imbens, Richard H Spady & Phillip Johnson, `Information theoretic approaches to inference in moment condition models,' (1998) Econometrica, 66, 333-57.
  • W11&98. Bent Nielsen, `Bartlett correction of the unit root test in autoregressive models,' (1997) Biometrika, 84, 500-504.
  • W9&94. Neil Shephard, `Statistical aspects of ARCH and stochastic volatility', in Time Series Models in Econometrics, Finance and Other Fields, 1-67, edited by D.R.Cox, O.E.Barndorff-Nielson and D.V.Hinkley. (1996) London: Chapman and Hall.
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  • W5. Rebecca A Emerson and David Hendry, `An evaluation of forecasting using leading indicators', (1996) Journal of Forecasting, 15.
  • W3. Sangjoon Kim & Neil Shephard, Revised as W26.
  • W2. Piet De Jong and Neil Shephard, `Efficient sampling from the smoothing density in time series models.' (1995) Biometrika, 82, 339--350.
  • W1. Andrew C Harvey and Neil Shephard, `The estimation of an asymmetric stochastic volatility model for asset returns.' (1996) Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 14, 429-434.
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Available in booklets only (1998-1986)

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