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Geoffrey Evans, FBA

Official Fellow
Professor of the Sociology of Politics

Research Interests: Understanding social and political division

My research examines social inequality and political representation, the sources of social divisions in politics, and the relationship between perceptions, values and voting. For the last 7 years, I've co-directed the ESRC-funded British Election Study. For 19 years I edited the journal Electoral Studies.  

Geoffrey Evans


Among my recent (last three years) publications are the following:


Evans G. and Tilley J. 2017. The New Politics of Class: The Political Exclusion of the British Working Class.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Evans, G. and Menon, A. 2017. Brexit and British Politics. Cambridge: Polity Press.

Fieldhouse, E., Green, J., Evans, G., Mellon, J., Prosser, C., Schmitt, H. & van der Eijk, C. 2020. Electoral Shocks: The volatile voter in a turbulent world, Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Langsaether, P. Evans, G. and O’Grady, T. Explaining the relationship between class position and political preferences: A long-term panel analysis of intra-generational class mobility. Forthcoming, British Journal of Political Science.

Langsaether, P. and Evans, G. 2020. ‘Explaining class differences in support for redistribution: A comparative analysis’, British Journal of Sociology,

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Evans, G and Mellon J. 2019. ‘Immigration, Euroscepticism, and the Rise and Fall of UKIP.  Party Politics, 25(1): 76-87.

Carl N, Dennison, J, and Evans, G. 2019. ‘European but not European enough: An explanation for Brexit’, European Union Politics, 20(2), 282-304.

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