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Shuk Ying Chan

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics

My main research interests include contemporary political thought; 20th century anticolonial thought; theories of global justice; theories of empire and race; postcolonial political theory and theories of individual and collective self-determination.

My book project, Postcolonial Global Justice, explores the moral and political implications of decolonization as an unfinished project of global justice. In it, I develop an account of “postcolonial global justice” by drawing on the normative visions and political programs of anticolonial thinkers in the era of formal decolonization. In doing so, my project aims to yield a set of historically informed and action guiding principles that help navigate the questions of self-determination and equality raised in three areas of contemporary global politics: global governance, international investment, and global cultural exchange.

Prior to Oxford, I completed a PhD in political theory at Princeton University. I also hold an M.Phil in political theory and a B.A. in history and politics from the University of Hong Kong.

Shuk Ying Chan