People Feature

Tobias Roemer

DPhil in Politics

As a DPhil student in Politics, my research focuses on two interrelated areas: the political economy of wealth and the political consequences of crime. In my first project, I investigate how asset ownership and borrowing ability shape attitudes over social policy, with a geographic focus on the US and the UK. My second project aims to understand how citizens respond to news about crime, exploring the role of different types of information in shaping public perceptions of crime. This research contributes to our understanding of the mismatch between objective crime rates and citizens' concerns about crime.

Methodologically, I am particularly interested in using causal inference and computational methods to address social science questions.

Before joining Nuffield College and the University of Oxford, I obtained an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics. My research is generously funded through a DPIR-Nuffield joint scholarship.

Tobias Roemer