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Tobias Rüttenauer

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Sociology

Research Interests: Environmental sociology, spatial demography, quantitative research methods.

I am a Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Sociology at Nuffield College, Oxford. Before joining the College, I worked as a postdoctoral research assistant at the Department for Social Sciences at the University of Kaiserslautern. I received an M.A. in Sociology from the LMU Munich and a Dr. phil in Sociology from the University of Kaiserslautern.

My main research interests include environmental sociology, spatial demography and quantitative methods. In my previous work, I have analysed the spatial distribution of air pollution and how it relates to selective migration patterns. More broadly, I am interested in how environmental conditions and space shape peoples behaviour. One of my current projects investigates the effect of experiencing extreme weather events on environmental attitudes and behaviour. In another project, I am using machine learning methods to analyse internal migration trajectories and neighbourhood attainment of immigrant minorities in England. Methodologically, I am mainly interested in quantitative methods for spatial and longitudinal data as well as in computational methods - especially in the field of causal inference.


Tobias Rüttenauer


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Mills, Melinda C., & Tobias Rüttenauer (2022): The Effect of Mandatory COVID-19 Certificates on Vaccine Uptake: Synthetic-Control Modelling of Six Countries. The Lancet Public Health, 7(1), e15-e22.

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Rüttenauer, Tobias & Volker Ludwig (2020): Fixed Effects Individual Slopes: Accounting and Testing for Heterogeneous Effects in Panel Data or Other Multilevel Models. Sociological Methods and Research, OnlineFirst. (Preprint on SocArXiv) (Replication material)

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Best, Henning & Tobias Rüttenauer (2018): How Selective Migration Shapes Environmental Inequality in Germany: Evidence from Micro-level Panel Data. European Sociological Review 34(1): 52–63.

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