Mr. T. Ritchie
District Public Works Superintendent.
Reservoir House

24th July, 1963

Dear Sir,

Danger from Coal Slurry being tipped at the rear of the Pantglas School

In connection with the above Councillor Mrs. Williams has advised me that the National Coal Board appear to be taking slurry similar to that which was deposited and gave so much trouble in the Quarry at Merthyr Vale, up on to the existing tip at the rear of the Pantglas Schools.

If this is a true statement of the position then I regard it as extremely serious as the slurry is so fluid and the gradient so steep that it could not possibly stay in position in the winter time or during periods of heavy rain.

Before writing to the National Coal Board I thought it would be advisable if you called to see the position for yourself and I will leave it to you to decide whether you call at the Merthyr Vale Colliery to see the manager before you pay the visit. If you do this it may be a good thing as the manager would probably decide to go with you and show you exactly what they are doing.

Yours faithfully,

D.C.W. Jones

Borough & Waterworks Engineer

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