Material on the Aberfan Disaster
held at other libraries and record offices

Glamorgan Record Office

Public Record Office

National Library of Wales

South Wales Coalfield Collection, University of Wales, Swansea


Glamorgan Record Office

County Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF1 3NE. Telephone: 01222 780282

Report of the disaster enquiry

Report of the Tribunal appointed to inquire into the Disaster at Aberfan on October 21st, 1966, published in 1967 (G.R.O. library ref. 4/19)

Papers and geological surveys prepared for the disaster inquiry

Papers (highly technical) of R.J. Piggott, Chief Surveyor and Minerals Manager, South-Western Division, National Coal Board, and Kenneth Wardell, senior partner of Durnford, Lee and Wardell, consulting mining engineers and geologists.

[The collection includes a history of coal workings and tipping at Aberfan, reports on rainfall and tip subsidence and photographic surveys prepared for the public inquiry on the disaster in 1967]

Amongst the papers is an account of the disaster published in Life International, 14 November 1966, and a Sunday Times newscutting on the Aberfan inquiry, 6 November 1966 (Ref. D/D WA Aberfan 159)

Photograph of the official presentation of papers relating to the Aberfan disaster inquiry to the Glamorgan Record Office, 20 November 1986 (Ref. D/D Xgc 184)

Pantglas School records

Pantglas Junior and Infants School admission and class registers rescued from the school buildings following the disaster:

admission registers, 19401966 [2 vole.] reception and second year infants class register, 1966 [1 vol.] first year junior class registers, 1966 [2 vol.]

Pantglas Senior Mixed School (County Secondary from 1952) log book, 19401966 [1 vol.]

(Ref. E/MT)

Police records

Police report on the landslide at Aberfan, and final fatality roll, 1966 (Ref. D/D Con 289/4/1,2)

Log book and message slips relating to the Aberfan landslide, Oct. 1966 (Ref. D/D Con 289/4/3,4)

[There is restricted access to the police collection and permission to consult the records must be received from the Glamorgan Record Office in advance of a visit. Requests for permission must be made in writing.]

Newspaper reports

Herald of Wales special issue covering the disaster, 29 October 1966 (Ref. D/D 254/7)

Western Mail newspaper reports
(Ref. N/WM)

Burial Service

Hymn sheet for burial service for Aberfan victims, October 1966 (Ref. C/C Clerk 7)

National Coal Board

Files relating to Aberfan Disaster. Held by Edwards Geldard as successors to Llewellyn & Hann (Solicitors to Powell Duffryn at Tribunal) relating to the Aberfan Disaster Tribunal Hearings.

Aberfan Disaster Fund

Management committee and sub-committee minutes and agendas, 1967-73. Includes file, 'Aberfan Memorial Project, 27 May 1968 - 3 October 1970'
Set of minutes belonging to J.W.M. Siberry, an Under-Secretary at the Welsh Office and member of the committee.

Civil Defence records

Papers of the Glamorgan County Council Civil Defence Officer on the rescue and recovery operation at Aberfan, includes details of Civil Defence volunteers at the scene, letters of thanks on the part played by the organisation and the County Civil Defence Officer's report on the disaster, 1966-67. Amongst the papers are Western Mail, Guardian and Observer newspaper reports of the disaster, 23-25 & 28 October 1966.
(ref. GCC/CD)

Powell Duffryn
List of Papers held by Edwards Geldard as successors to Llewellyn & Hann relating to the Aberfan Disaster Tribunal Hearings 1966/67 and all being Llewellyn & Hann File 0739

Llewellyn and Hann represented Powell Duffryn Ltd as Powell Duffryn Associated Collieries Ltd at these hearings. They instructed Philip Owen QC and Hugh Williams of Counsel to appear on the company's behalf before the tribunal.

The papers are as follows:


D/D LH A/l76.
Llewellyn and Hann's copies of the Treasury Reporters notes of evidence given to the Public Enquiry which opened at the College of Further Education, Merthyr Tydfil on Tuesday, 29 November 1966 and was later transferred to the College at Colchester Avenue, Cardiff and of the Preliminary hearing of 8 November 1966.

(76 booklets, printed)


D/D LH A/77-82
Duplicates and copies of some notes of evidence.
(6 booklets, printed)

D/D LH A/83-104
Hugh William's copies of the Notes of evidence 121.
(21 booklets, printed)


Hugh William's copies of the Notes of evidence 2267 & 68,75 &76.
(49 booklets, printed)


D/D LH A/153
Llewellyn & Hann's file of correspondence covering the period 1st December 1966 to 13 May 1969, together with copy of Counsel's Fee Note and other background papers and a copy of an editorial taken from the Daily Telegraph for Friday, 4 August 1967.

D/D LH A/154
File containing notes of evidence of witnesses, copies of correspondence from the Tribunal, various plans, notes relating to the tip slide at Abercynon in 1940 and appointments and retirements of directors of Powell Duffryn Ltd up to 1956 (1file)

D/D LH A/155
Aberfan Inquiry Tribunal Bundle No. 4, being an indexed set of reports and correspondence with regard to previous slips.

D/D LH A/156
Copy letters from a variety of sources plus handwritten notes taken at the third day of the hearing.

D/D LH A/157/1,2,4&5
Some numbered files as follows:

1. Experts reports giving history of tipping at the site, various other reports and statements of evidence.

2. Other exhibits.

4. P.D. exhibits etc.

5. P.D. papers.

(4 files)



Numbered Bundles

Bundle 1 Correspondence and memoranda relating to complaints as to danger of tips, flooding and pollution.

Bundle 2 Documents relating to Town and Country Planning: comprising Planning Applications, Town Development Plan and Aerial Ropeway.

Bundle 3 Minutes of meetings of Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council, Minutes of Merthyr Vale Consultative Committee.

Bundle 4 Reports and correspondence with regards to previous slips.

Bundle 5 Proposed coal recovery schemes by Ryan Industrial Fuels Ltd.

Bundle 6 Documents relating to Merthyr Vale Major Product Annual Review etc.

Bundle 7 Minutes of various committee meetings including Education Committee, Public Works Committee etc. in the period 1943 to 1966 (plus one spare copy).

D/D LHA/159
Bundle of what would appear to be part of Llewellyn & Hann's file including copies of the Mines and Quarries Act 1954, The Coal Mine's Act 1911, The Coal Mining Subsidence Bill of 1950. Hansard for 23 May 1950.

D/D LH A/160
Huw Williams of Counsel's bundle of exhibits and statements including: Minutes of a Special General Meeting of the Institute (South Wales Institute of Engineers?) of 28 April 1927 dealing with landslides in South Wales Valleys and a copy of a book about landslides in south Wales; Statement of Roy John Piggott; Proceedings of the South Wales Institute of Engineers for 21 April and 6 October 1927 and various plans relating to the slip and notes on coal preparation etc.
(One File)


D/D LH A/ 161
Report of the committee on Mining Subsidence 1949.
(Not Found)

D/D LH A/ 162
Other papers being various calculations, statements and copy correspondence and plans which may well duplicate those elsewhere and one bundle of statements of NCB witnesses who had formerly been employed by Powell Duffryn.(One Bundle)

D/D LH A/163
Copy of The Times for 30 November 1966.
(One Copy)

D/D LH A/164
Copies of various statements and reports.

D/D LH A/165
Copy of Joint Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre UK.
Photographic Report of the spoil tips at Aberfan in January 1967.

D/D LH A/166
Report March 1967 by K. Wardell.(Booklet)

D/D LH A/167
Report and papers of the Meteorological Office and Mr. Arthur Bleasdale of that office.(One Folder)

D/D LH A/168
Compilation of matter prepared by the National Union of Mineworkers South Wales Area relating to the Merthyr Vale Colliery tip slide.(Booklet)

D/D LH A/169
Report on the stability of Aberfan Tip No. 7 by J. K. T. L.Nash.(Booklet)

D/D LH A/170
Report on Mining Subsidence by Mr Wardell and R.J. Piggott.

D/D LH A/171
File "GeoTechnical investigation into the causes and circumstances of the disaster. Report".
(One Folder)

D/D LH A/172
File "GeoTechnical investigation into the causes and circumstances of the disaster. Appendix 1".
(One Folder)

D/D LH A/173
File "GeoTechnical investigation into the causes and circumstances of the disaster. Appendix 27".
(One Folder)

D/D LH A/ 174
Copy statement of Roy John Piggott.

D/D LH A/175
Summary of Geological Report on a Tipping Site.

D/D LH A/176 History of Mining Subsidence: J.K Wardell and R.J. Piggott.

D/D LH A/178 Copy of D/D LH A/177 with some maps added.

D/D LH A/179 Two further copies of D/D LH A/177 (unbound).

D/D LH A/180

Copies of the various photographs taken from D/D LH A/177 and plan of the area showing position of the rain gauge at Hafod, the Urban District boundaries etc.


D/D LH A/181
Counsel's notebook with some notes added taken at the Tribunal hearings in January 1967.
(One A4 Notebook)

D/D LH A/ 182
File marked (3) for UBD and Abercynon and containing various papers relating to the enquiry, copies of other reports etc. and a number of plans and photographs of the area including geological survey and a 1921 map of Pontypridd.
(One Bundle)

D/D LH A/183
Map stamped "Donald McLean and Hann" of the Pontypridd area with various properties or areas coloured in. The latter probably showing the parishes of Llantrisant, Llantwit Fardre, Pontypridd, Eglwys Ilan, Llanfabon, Llanwonno and what appears to be the Rhondda Urban District Council area during the early twentieth century.(Small Folded Map)

D/D LH A/ 184
Envelope containing photographs relating to the Abercynon slide of 1939 numbered: 214.
(Envelope: Two Sets)

D/D LH A/185
Box with photographs numbered: 145 relating to the Aberfan Enquiry.
(One cardboard box)

D/D LH A/ 187
Interpretation and analysis of photography covering the Aberfan area prepared by Fairey Surveys Ltd. on behalf of the National Coal Board.(One file)

D/D LH A/188
Copy of the Royal Commission on Tribunals of Inquiry under Lord Justice Salmon 1966.
(Printed Booklet)

D/D LH A/189
Regional Survey Report South Wales Coalfield 1946.
(Printed Booklet)

D/D LH A/ 191
Geological report of the Aberfan Tip Disaster by A. W. Woodland.

D/D LH A/192
Plan of South Wales Coalfield with areas of Ocean Coal, Powell Duffryn, Insoles, Ferndale Deep Navigation and Windsor marked. (One Small folded map)

D/D LH A/193
Copy Booklet "Landslides in South Wales" by Professor George Knox.(One A3 Booklet)

D/D LH A/194
Copy Proceedings of South Wales Institute of Engineers 28 April 1927.(One A3 Booklet)


D/D LH A/177
Report prepared by Powell Duffryn Associated Collieries Ltd. into Rubbish Tipslide Cilfynydd Common, 5 December 1939. (Five Sets) (Two volumes, three bundles)

D/D LH A/190
Twenty four maps and plans relating to the Aberfan Tribunal, together with twenty large scale photographs (mostly aerial).


D/D LH A/186
Roll of plans and maps showing volumetric changes, nature and distribution of superficial deposits, water sampling and measuring points and plan depicting history of streams etc.

D/D LH A/195
Large cardboard folder of photographs of the Aberfan area D8, D9, D12 and D13 including photographs taken before and after the disaster and being enlargements about 18" x 24".

D/D LH A/ 196
A tin tube of plans of the area including Ordinance Survey maps and geological maps, a photograph entitled "Uncontrolled Mosaic" constructed by Hunting Surveys Ltd. as well as aerial photograph of Aberfan and the tips taken in 1964.


British Coal Records, South Wales Area Files

D/D NCB 67/4/1\ Tribunal of Inquiry 1966-67

D/D NCB 67/4/2 Mr R Piggot's notes on Aberfan Tribunal

D/D NCB 67/4//3 Civil Engineering - General Correspondence 1966-67

D/D NCB 67/4/4 Aerial photography - correspondence only 1966-67

D/D/ NCB 67/4/5 Subsisdence damage 1966-67

D/D/ NCB 67/4/6 Claims for damage 1967-70

D/D/ NCB 67/4/7 Production, development & planning, colliery tips - Aberfan colliery tip (part 1) 1966-68

D/D/ NCB 67/4/8 Production, development & planning, colliery tips - Aberfan colliery tip (part 2) 1968-69

D/D/ NCB 67/4/9 Countouring/removal of tip at Aberfan 1967-69

D/D NCB 67/4/147 Estates matters arising out of Aberfan disaster 1967-77, 2 files


Public Record Office

Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Surrey, TW9 4DU.

Telephone: (0181) 392 5200. Fax: (0181) 878 8905.

Material used by the Tribunal of Inquiry is held in Class BD52. A summary of the documents within this class follows:

BD52/1-20 Notes & papers prepared for Inquiry
- Complete copies of the bundles of evidence assembled by Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council (Dowlais reference: D/011-017).
- NCB reports & charts

BD52/21-36 Documents exhibited at Inquiry
- Sketches & charts of disaster & tips etc.

BD52/37-67 Experts' reports
On safety, tipping, geology etc.

BD52/68-111 Miscellaneous data
- Surveys, memos, charts by NCB and Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council

BD52/112-115 Secretary of State for Wales - Papers
Correspondence, notes on meetings & report on treatment of tips

BD52/116-123 Statements of evidence (taken before Tribunal)
Indexed but incomplete

BD52/124-145 Transcripts of oral evidence from Tribunal

BD52/146-159 Publications used in Aberfan Inquiry
- Safety regulations etc.
- Hansard reports

BD52/160-164 Aberfan aerial photographs

BD52/165-170 Miscellaneous photographs

BD52/171 Rolled aerial mosaics of Aberfan

BD52/172-174 Rolled plans & maps - General

BD52/175 Rolled plans & maps - Geological

BD52/176 Rolled plans & maps -Mining & land holding

BD52/177 Rolled plans & maps - Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council

BD52/178-181 Rolled plans & maps - Hunting Surveys Ltd

BD52/182 Rolled plans & maps - Expert reports

BD52/183-185 Rolled plans & maps - Miscellaneous

Other documents relating to the Aberfan Disaster can also be found in the following classes:

BD 11/3790 PQs on Aberfan

BD 11/3791 PM's papers after Aberfan Disaster

BD 11/3807 Removal of tips 1969/71

BD 11/3810 Aberfan Disaster: publication of Tribunal Report & debate on Report

BD 50/337 Miscellaneous educational papers

Cabinet Papers

CAB 128/42-3

CAB 128/43. CC (68) 37 (5) 7/68

CAB 164/1 Committee of Inquiry into Aberfan Disaster

National Coal Board Papers

COAL 29/378 Radio & TV transcripts - Aberfan

COAL 73/2 Part 1

COAL 73/3 Part 1 NCB Chairman's Office,

COAL 73/3 Part 2 NCB Chairman's Office,

COAL 73/4 Part 1

Ministry of Power

POWE 52/68 Debate on the report of the Aberfan Inquiry

POWE 52/93 Divisional Papers: Lord Robens offer of resignation

POWE 52/94 Report of the Aberfan Tribunal

POWE 52/212

POWE 52/215 Aberfan Report: Ministry Comments

Papers of the Prime Minister's private office

PREM 13/1233 Spoil Heaps

PREM 13/1280 Setting up of Tribunal; report

PREM 13/1281 Robens resignation etc.

NB The above list of PRO material on the Aberfan Disaster is not exhaustive.

National Library of Wales

Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3BU.

Telephone: (01970) 632800, Fax: (01970) 615709

Mr. Cyril Moseley, Pontypridd
Papers, 1966-67, relating to the public inquiry into the Aberfan tip disaster of 21 October 1966. Together with some additional material relating to the Aberfan Parents & Residents Association, 1966-73.

Includes evidence presented to the Tribunal

Eilfryn Peris Owen Papers
Papers relating mainly to Aberfan where he was Presbyterian Minister at the time of the disaster.

A Cassette of lectures on folklore and superstition and on the Aberfan Disaster (not available till 2016). Held in NLW Audio-visual unit.

Correspondence, October 1966 - May 1967 & undated
expressing sympathy and enclosing donations towards Disaster Fund

Press cuttings

Papers concerning burial services of those killed in the disaster

Papers deriving from administration of Aberfan Disaster Fund, 1966-68

Press cuttings about the campaign by residents of Aberfan for the removal of local coal tips

Lord Edmund Davies Papers

Correspondence October 1966- September 1967
Concerning appointment, conduct and publication of the Tribunal Report, includes letter from Cledwyn Hughes

Manuscript notes by ED compiled in connection with preliminary meeting of the Tribunal, Nov. 1966.

Notebooks made by ED at Tribunal

Tribunal Report

Press cuttings

Extracts from Hansard

Aberfan Inquiry and Contempt of Court - Statement by Press Council

Letter re local government wards from clerk to Merthyr Tydfil Board of Health

Letter of thanks re poem

Alun Talfan Davies Papers
Schedule to the agenda of a meeting of the Aberfan Fund trustees, 14 June 1972.

Diocese of Llandaff
Box 6 - Aberfan Disaster

Lord Morris of Borth y Guest Papers
3 memoranda by Civic Trust following Aberfan disaster

Catherine Hughes
Transcript of Dark Heritage, play re Gresford & Aberfan disasters. Winner of 1983 Sony Radio Drama Award.

Rev. Evan Wyn Williams Papers

Mostly relating to Aberfan Disaster



South Wales Coalfield Collection

University of Wales, Swansea


Aberfan Study - An Unknown Spring

The study concentrates on the events and emotions following the disaster at the Pantglas Primary School, Aberfan in 1966, in which 144 people were killed, the majority being the school children of Pantglas. The study is part of a BBC documentary commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the disaster. Also included is a recording of the "Aberfan Thank You Show", which was a performance made by the surviving children.
(13 Interviews)

Ref No.




Interview of Richards, Emlyn and Elaine.
Recorded memoirs of Emlyn and Elaine Richards, parents of a victim of the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan.
Covers period : 1966.
Running time : .



Interview of Lewis, Sheila (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Sheila Lewis, a parent of a victim of the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan. Includes experiences in the years following her bereavement.
Covers period : 1960-1986 (c).
Running time : 43mins 45secs.



Interview of Beale, John.
Recorded memoirs of John Beale, Director of Education for Merthyr, concerning the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan and its aftermath.
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 37mins 55secs.



Interview of Williams, Howell.
Recorded memoirs of Howell Williams, a teacher at Pantglas Junior School, concerning the 1966 Aberfan disaster.
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 14mins 10secs.



Interview of Williams, Hetty.
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Hetty Williams (nee Taylor), a teacher at Pantglas Junior School, concerning the 1966 Aberfan disaster.
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 11mins 30secs.



Interview of Davey, Audrey.
Recorded memoirs of Miss Audrey Davies, a case social worker, concerning the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan.
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 53mins 40secs.



Interview of Jones, Raymond Gwynfryn.
Recorded memoirs of Raymond Gwynfryn Jones, a resident of Aberfan, concerning the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School.
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 17mins 30secs.



Interview of Jones, Mair.
Recorded memoirs of Miss Mair Jones, headmistress of the new school, following the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan.
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 26mins 30secs.



Interview of Vaughan, Joan and Cyril.
Recorded memoirs of Joan Vaughan, Aberfan (Young) Wives Group, and Cyril Vaughan, Chairman of the Community Association (1986), concerning welfare and support groups following the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan.
Covers period : 1966-1986.
Running time : 18mins.



Interview of Hayes, Kenneth (Rev).
Interview of Carpenter, Bryn.
Interview of Pearson, Doug.

Recorded memoirs of Rev Kenneth Hayes (parent of victim of Aberfan disaster and Minister of Baptist Chapel), Bryn Carpenter (parent of victim of Aberfan disaster) and Doug Pearson (Member of Community Association) concerning the 1966 disaster and its aftermath at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan. Includes discussion of money raised after the disaster and allegations of misappropriation of funds, and attitudes of the media.
Covers period : 1966-1986 (c).
Running time : 23mins 22secs.



"The Aberfan Thank You Show".
Recording of "The Aberfan Thank You Show", a variety show held at Aberfan Miners' Welfare Hall performed by the surviving children of Pantglas Junior School, following the 1966 disaster.
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 52mins.

1967 (c)


Interview of Jones, Elwyn- (Lord).
Recorded memoirs of Lord Elwyn-Jones (Attorney General 1966) concerning the 1966 disaster and its aftermath at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan. Includes a discussion of the media coverage, opening speech, and verdict of the tribunal.
Covers period : 1966-1986 (c).
Running time : 17mins 32secs.



Radio Documentary.
A radio documentary transmitted on the 20th anniversary following the 1966 disaster at Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan. Includes extracts of the interviews of parents, teachers, residents, and others (AUD 519-29).
Covers period : 1966 (c).
Running time : 1hr 25mins 20secs.






Aberfan and the surrounding area after the disaster.
Photographs of the aftermath of the landslip at Aberfan. There are photographs of the remaining slagheaps surrounding the area, the effects of the slip itself, close ups of specific areas within the landslip and slagheaps, and panoramic views from the bottom and the top of the slip.
(45 photographs; duplicates)


Other interviews


Interview of Schewitz, Graham Brynmor. (1980)
Recorded memoirs of Graham Schewitz, Taff-Merthyr. Includes his first experiences of working underground; identity of individual collieries; Lodge leadership in Abercynon; differences in industrial relations between collieries; effect of Aberfan Disaster on the workforce; Taff-Merthyr Colliery working practices and conventions; run-down of the coal industry, and its effect on workforce morale; motivation of the workforce; and the work involved during the 1972 strike.
Covers period : 1950-1980 (c).
Running time : 1hr 33mins 41secs.



Interview of Morris, William Benjamin.
Recorded memoirs of Ben Morris, former NUM Chief Administrative Officer South Wales. Includes his first impressions of working in the pit; methods of working; social life in New Tredegar; women in service in London; the 1926 General Strike; pit closures, its opposition, and alternative employment after closures; mechanisation; the 1966 Aberfan disaster; Will Whitehead; motivation of workers; his grandfather's experiences as a miner; miners' pay during the Second World War; and the Porter Award.
Covers period : 1910-1982 (c).
Running time : 3hrs 38mins 41secs.


Ty Toronto archives

The Ty Toronto project came into existence following the Aberfan disaster of 1966. The name comes from the Welsh community in Toronto whose donations helped to set up a centre in Aberfan, headed by the Reverend Erastus Jones.

In March 1973 "The Call to the Valleys" heralded a number of conferences and events aimed at highlighting the valleys communities concerns and the issues affecting them. This was centred around the "Year of the Valleys" in 1974 although events continued up to 1979 with documentation being produced after this date.

The material deposited is the documentation of the entire project, from its inception in 1972 until 1984. It contains records from the consultations, conferences, applications for funding, accounts, correspondence and publications which were forthcoming from the project, as well as material documenting the project itself. It has been listed more or less in chronological order, with the different conferences, consultations and issues files' remaining together.

(22 boxes) ---

Early Central Files.
Correspondence and papers, 1972-74.
(4 files)

Preliminary Call to the Valleys Conference.
Correspondence, registration forms, registers, accounts and reports, 1973.
(8 files)

"Live Communities" Project.
Correspondence, speeches, reports, registers, registration forms and accounts, 1973-75.
(6 files)

Single Valleys Conference - The Rhondda
Correspondence and papers, 1973.
(2 files)

Rugby Clubs Conference
Correspondence, papers, registers and registration forms, 1973-74.
(2 files)

Local Authorities Conference.
Correspondence and papers, 1973-74.
(1 file)

Historians' Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1974-79.
(11 files)

Valleys and Wales Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1973-74.
(4 files)

Call to the Churches Conference
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1973-74.
(4 files)

Second "Live Communities" Project.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1974.
(4 files)

Disabled Conference.
Correspondence and papers, 1974.
(1 file)

Socio-economic Strategy for the Valleys Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms and registers, 1973-74.
(4 files)

Valleys and the Environment Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms and registers, 1974-75.
(3 files)

Leisure, Recreation and the Arts Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1974-75.
(4 files)

Health in the Valleys Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1974-75.
(3 files)

Welsh Language and the Valleys Conference
Correspondence and papers, 1975.
(1 file)

Summing Up Meeting and Report.
Correspondence, registration forms and reports, 1975.
(1 file)

Socio-economic Strategy Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, and registers, 1974-75.
(4 files)

Book Launch.
Correspondence regarding the launch of "The Valleys Call", 1974-76.
(2 files)

Local Authorities and Valley Communities Conference.
Correspondence and papers, 1975-76.
(1 file)

Third Live Communities Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1976.
(4 files)

Morale and Initiative in the Valleys Conference.
Correspondence, registration forms and registers, 1976-78.
(3 files)

Socio-economic Strategy Research Group and Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1975-78.
(5 files)

Valleys Schools Conference.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, registers and reports, 1974-77.
(5 files)

Industry and Initiative in the Valleys.
Correspondence, papers and reports, 1976-79.
(3 files)

Poetry and Cultural Events.
Posters, leaflets, correspondence and papers, 1973-75.
(3 files)

Year of the Valleys Exhibition.
Correspondence, papers and reports, 1974-75.
(2 files)

Student Placements.
Correspondence, papers and reports, 1972-79.
(4 files)

Press Releases.
Correspondence and press releases, 1973-79.
(4 files)

Newscuttings and Scrapbooks.
Newscuttings and scrapbooks, 1973-75.
(6 files)

Community Field Work, Community Councils, and Community Services.
Correspondence, papers, registration forms, reports, newspapers, minutes and pamphlets, 1970-79.
(18 files)

Publications Sales.
Invoices, receipts, correspondence, papers and lists, 1974-84.
(12 files)

Rhymney Valley Industry.
Correspondence, papers, reports, minutes and lists, 1977-79.
(9 files)

Ty Toronto Correspondence.
Correspondence and papers, 1972-79.
(4 files)

Erastus Jones Diaries.
Diaries regarding interviews, 1972-79.
(8 volumes and 3 files)

Grant Applications.
Correspondence, papers, accounts and reports, 1971-80.
(16 files)

Management Committee Correspondence.
Correspondence, papers, reports and minutes, 1976-79.
(2 files)

"A Window for the Valleys".
Correspondence, papers, and reports, 1976-79.
(3 files)

Final meeting Correspondence.
Correspondence, 1979.
(1 file)

Ty Toronto Accounts
Receipts, invoices, reports, bank statements, and correspondence, 1972-81.
(10 files, 3 envelopes and 1 volume)

Manpower Services Commission
Accounts, bank statements, correspondence, job applications and handbooks, 1976-80.
(11 files)

County Structure Plans.
Correspondence and papers, 1978-81.
(6 files)

Theology and Education for the Community.
Correspondence and papers, 1977-78.
(2 files)

Gulbenkian and Rowntree reports.
Year books and annual reports, 1973-81.
(9 volumes)

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