Abhishek Parajuli

Abhishek Parajuli (MPhil Politics 2015-2017; DPhil Politics 2017-Present)

"Three factors make Nuffield the best place to be a Social Scientist at Oxford. First, Nuffield is a community that celebrates ideas. One example of this is the amazing discussions you will have over lunch or tea. Abortion. Gun-control. Immigration. Trump. Every meal will leave you richer in ideas and insight.

"Second, Nuffield is a small college with a focus on the Social Sciences. Within a short time, you will get to know and become friends with a fantastic group of scholars, all of whom are doing cutting edge research in the Social Sciences. This makes getting constant feedback on your ideas and projects or finding collaborators for papers incredibly easy.

"Finally, Nuffield has a great reputation in Europe and the US which draws amazing visiting scholars for an unmatched set of College seminars. Many of these visitors are also happy to meet you individually and talk about your ideas–in my first term here, I have met and discussed my thesis with Robert Putnam and Avinash Dixit among others.

"The incredible people, resources and facilities make Nuffield a fantastic choice for any budding Social Scientist."

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