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Who is going to ensure it gets better?
stories being told. Ofcom could work with broadcasters to develop an industry-
wide standard for such monitoring. 
It is the recommendation of this report that:
the above Ofcom guidance is adopted in the awarding of all licences to
public service broadcasters and used to inform the new BBC Charter;
broadcasters adopt these principles and, in the case of the BBC,
incorporate them in the service agreements they draw up for each
Ofcom monitor the fulfilment of cultural diversity objectives across the
entire industry, including the BBC
These recommendations are in line with those of the report on Social Capital and
Public Service Broadcasting
which calls for broadcasters and regulators to
address the explicit ways in which programmes build and maintain social capital.
Professional membership organisations
In talking to my interviewees it became clear there were certain longstanding
issues facing all those in a particular professional group but which often
disproportionately affected those people from minorities. An example was the
long and convoluted drama commissioning and script development process for
writers and the lack of a television directors’ training course for theatre directors.
These issues need to be addressed by the relevant trade bodies which could also
play a more significant role than they currently do in ensuring diverse voices are
fully represented in our broadcasting. Examples include: 
Radio Independents Group
The Writers Guild
Directors Guild of Great
Women in Film and
Some are already alert to the issues facing members who are from minorities,
many have barely acknowledged them. All should be looking at their own
organisations as well as their membership and asking which groups are under-
represented, what are the experiences of their members when working with
broadcasters and how can they address the difficulties they face. They have an
important role to play in lobbying broadcasters and ensuring their members’
voices are heard.