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What’s wrong with the programmes we have?
? Programmes missing
Good plays, good writing in general, more historical drama. It’s
finding a way in which the past can speak to the present because, to
me, that is the basis of the struggle we have here - and by “we” I
mean “we ex-colonial people”. The whole debate about us is around
the notion of immigration and integration. It’s absurd: we’ve been
here since Roman times in various kinds of numbers. We don’t
forget about Windrush or about Idi Amin and the expulsions of
Asians but if we only see it in these terms we will always be seen as
newcomers or interlopers when in fact we have helped to establish
this country in very fundamental ways. - Writer
I think we need to see a variety of sitcoms. Mixed, not all Black, all
Asian or all White. - Comedy producer
The thing that I also feel is that when we do the big kind of costume
dramas or the classic works, based on classic works, there is never a
Black presence there. - Commissioning Executive
What I always find really fascinating that you will watch Sunday
night BBC and ITV you wouldn’t know that we are living in a
multicultural society or that there are any Black or Asian people in
this country, I would love to see much more urban stories which
reflect the real world that we live in rather than these sort of country
practices and these costume dramas. - Writer
Programmes which give a different way of looking at the rest of the
world, particularly the developing world. I’m sick of seeing the same
type of ignorant White middle-class man going round saying, golly! -
As a White middle-class woman, I would like more opportunities to
see other communities being reflected through ordinary people and
in their ordinary moments, not just when something extraordinary
happens to the community. - Publicist
I’d like to see more mixing of people - this country’s got so much of
that going on but you’d never know. And more stuff from the inside
out, that didn’t treat people like objects - Director
It’s not just odd programmes here and there. I’d just like to see the
cultural diversity of this country, all the different flavours and textures of
people’s lives, really infuse everything that we do. - Producer
The problems with the current output can be summarised as: lack of meaningful
and accurate representations of people from minorities in most areas of
programming, too great a reliance on too few voices, and the inability of
broadcasters to address a diverse audience. What is missing from the output, and
hence the National Conversation, is a whole range of voices and perspectives that
reflect modern Britain.