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Does it make any difference who makes programmes?
? Cultural knowledge is not valued
When I wrote for All About Me I was constantly coming up with ideas
and storyline suggestions to do with this whole marriage between a
White man and Asian woman and what I found shocking is that
whilst the production company and the script editors were very, very
supportive and very interested in that world, the BBC execs who
then came in would sabotage it. They would say: we are not
interested in this character, we don’t care what he thinks about his
parents, we just want to know about Jasper Carrott and his
neighbours. His silly racist neighbours! I think a lot of really good
scripts get messed up by executives coming in and not really
knowing what they are doing. -  Writer
Diversity should not be the responsibility of minority programme-
makers alone
There is clearly a value in having a diverse workforce but it was stressed that
people from minorities should not be seen as the only people responsible for
bringing new voices and new perspectives into the National Conversation. All
programme-makers should be encouraged to acquiring some cultural knowledge
of the different groups that make up our society so they are equipped to bring
this into their programmes.
The BBC needs more Black and Asian producers but you can’t
absolve everybody else, you can’t absolve White producers for not
catering to a whole audience or not exploring the issues. - Producer