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Why is there not more diversity in the people making programmes?
? Lack of role models
A few people mentioned the reluctance of some ethnic minority communities to
encourage their children to enter broadcasting as it was seen to lack job security
or a clear career path; but they also linked this to the lack of successful role
Sometimes I go to talk to young people in schools or colleges or
drama clubs and it is such a different world out there, the media
world has absolutely zero, no contact with it on any sort of real
practical level at all. It is very hard, it feels like a barrier that you
almost build for yourself so you don’t actually get started because it
is just so far away. I would like young people to have an attitude to
film and television that they have to music. - Director
We still haven’t understood what it will take to encourage more
Black and Asian people to apply to radio, particularly non-news
radio. It’s not seen as a destination for Black and Asian people. It’s a
straightforward question: in television they see George Alagiah and
Krishnan Guru Murthy or any of these people and think ah,
someone’s made it there, I could do that, there’s a role for me
there. On radio they don’t hear themselves very often, so they don’t
think of it as a place where they can end up. - Editor
I think really that there is something about the BBC which only
invites or encourages a certain type of person to have (a) any
interest in joining it or (b) and, perhaps most importantly, any belief
that they could join it. I think it is not too strong to say that they
would not see it as their place to think about working for the BBC. -
Former producer
Hopefully the example Goodness Gracious Me is there now, I think
that is what wasn’t there before. If you were Asian in Britain you
didn’t think I will go into TV comedy, the brown people who were in
TV comedy historically weren’t exactly the sort of role models that
second and third generation British Asians were going to aspire to be
doing, so hopefully for people within the Asian community we have
provided some kind of sense that you can do this if you want to. -
? “The talent is simply not there”
Working in broadcasting is competitive, a lot of people would like to work in the
industry and can’t get jobs - are there simply not enough talented people from
minorities to be able to compete effectively?
Rubbish. For a start, don’t believe that every White person in this
building is massively talented, they are not but they get more
leeway because they exist within a social system and a society
where they get more of a break. - Producer
Several people said the industry didn’t do enough to get out and look for talent or
develop the talent that was already under its nose. Evidence of untapped talent
that was also cited included the independent film scene where the work of Black,
Chinese and disabled film-makers is regularly showcased. Others suggested that
the perception that there was a lack of talent amongst minority communities was
out of date and needed to be revised.