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Nuffield Political Theory WorkshopAnnette Zimmermann (University of Oxford)Prisoner Disenfranchisement and the All-Affected Principle in Democratic Theory29/05/2017 14:0029/05/2017 15:30Butler Room, Nuffield College
Economic Theory Lunchtime WorkshopInes Moreno de BarredaAttachmentPersuasion with Correlation Neglect30/05/2017 12:3030/05/2017 14:15Butler Room, Nuffield College
Political Science SeminarsProfessor Sharon Mukand, Warwick UniversityAttachmentPropaganda and Nation Building: Evidence from Rwanda30/05/2017 12:3030/05/2017 14:00Clay Room, Nuffield College
CESS Seminar SeriesBart Wilson (Chapman University)The Meaning of Property in Things31/05/2017 16:0031/05/2017 17:00Butler Room, Nuffield College
Sociology SeminarLars Andersen (Rockwool Foundation)The Effect of Marriage on Crime: Evidence from a Natural Experiment31/05/2017 17:0031/05/2017 18:00Clay Room, Nuffield College
Nuffield Political Theory WorkshopDavid Miller (University of Oxford)The Duty of Rescue: Its Nature and Limits05/06/2017 14:0005/06/2017 15:30Butler Room, Nuffield College
Political Science SeminarsJulie Lynch, Univ. of Pennsylvania. Nuffield College Politics VisitorTBA06/06/2017 12:3006/06/2017 14:00Clay Room, Nuffield College
Sociology SeminarEmilio Zagheni (University of Washington)Leveraging Social Media Data to Monitor Migrations06/06/2017 17:0006/06/2017 18:00Clay Room, Nuffield College
CESS ColloquiumJasmine BhatiaStrongmen or Technocrats? A Conjoint Experiment Testing Leadership Preferences in Afghanistan12/06/2017 12:0012/06/2017 13:00CESS Meeting Room
Political Science SeminarsJoseph S. Nye (Harvard's School of Government)Trump and the Future of the Liberal International Order12/06/2017 12:3012/06/2017 14:00SCR, Nuffield College
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