Nuffield Society

The Nuffield Society was created in 2008 as the membership forum for all Nuffield alumni. The main objective of the Nuffield Society is to support the development of closer links to and among former members. Nuffield Society Committee members meet each year, and discuss ways to help the Alumni and Development Office maintain and strengthen ties with Nuffield alumni. 

The 2016/17 Nuffield Society Committee members are:

  • Alberto Behar
  • Robert Bell
  • Caroline van den Brul
  • Mukti Campion
  • Malcolm Dean
  • Bill Emmott
  • Fabian Eser
  • John Fingleton
  • Julia Giese
  • Bernt Hagtvet
  • John Hemingway (Chair)
  • Paul Jowett
  • Chandrika Kaul
  • Peter Kowalczewski
  • Jeremy Large
  • David Levy
  • Sundas Ali Omair
  • Chris Rowley
  • Anthony Teasdale
Current College members:
  • Ray Duch
  • Ray Fitzpatrick
  • Caroline Kukura
  • Monica Esposito-West

The Committee holds regular meetings. If you would like anything raised at the next meeting, please e-mail your query to: