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Some Nuffield College economics preprints are available, in postscript, via the WWW on page . Click here to get a list of the economics faculty and keys into their homepages. Paper WPs gives a list of working papers of this series which are available on paper. Also IES' WPs gives the list of the University of Oxford's applied economics discussion papers. You can gain access to the University of Oxford Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History. Jon Temple's Economic Growth homepage can be accessed from here.

Click on the highlighted title to view or download the full paper or zipped version. To get To read pdf files you need a copy of the free Acrobat reader, so click the Adobe site. Typically pdf files will be smaller than postscript files and so you are advised to use this option. Notice that the Copyright © of each of these papers is held by their authors. It is illegal to make multiple copies of these papers without permission from them.

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1997-W17 Richard J. Gilbert and Paul Klemperer, An Equilibrium Theory of Rationing

1997-W16 Stephen Redding, Dynamic Comparative Advantage and the Welfare Effects of Trade Zipped. PDF.

1997-W15 Aurora Manrique and Neil Shephard, ,Likelihood analysis of a discrete bid/ask price model for a common stock Zipped.

1997-W14 Lones Smith and Peter Sørensen, Informational Herding and Optimal Experimentation, pdf, Zipped.

1997-W13 Michael K Pitt and Neil Shephard, Filtering via simulation: auxiliary particle filter. J. American Statistical Association (1999), 95, 590-9.

1997-W12 Bent Nielsen. The Likelihood Ratio Test for Rank in Bivariate Canonical Correlation Analysis. Biometrika (1999), 86, 279-288.

1997-W11 Jurgen Doornik, A Convenient Approximation to the Asymptotic Distribution of Cointegration tests Zipped.

1997-W10 Bent Nielsen. On the Distribution of Tests of Cointegration. Econometric Reviews (2004), 23, 1-23.

1997-W9 Robin Mason and Timothy Swanson Entry Deterrence and Environmental Regulation, Figures, Abstract.

1997-W8. Jurgen A Doornik, Gerrit Draisma and Marius Ooms Introduction to Ox. This link is to a zipped file containing both a paper and software examples.

1997-W7. Manuel Arellano, Stephen Bond and Jurgen A Doornik Dynamic panel data estimation using DPD for Ox. This link is to a zipped file containing both the paper and software.

1997-W6. Neil Shephard, The relationship between the conditional sum of squares and the exact likelihood for autoregressive moving average models Zipped. Abstract. Pdf.Revised Sept. 1997.

W32. Bent Nielsen, Asymptotic results for cointegration tests in non-stable cases Zipped. Abstract.

W31. David P Myatt & Chris Wallace, Adaptive dynamics with payoff heterogeneity Zipped.

W30. Robin Mason, Dynamic Pollution Games

W29. Neil R. Ericsson, David F. Hendry, & Kevin M. PrestiwchThe UK Demand for Broad Money over the Long run Abstract

W28. Aurora Manrique & Neil Shephard, Likelihood inference for limited dependent processes, Econometrics Journal, (1998) 1, C174--C202. Copyright for this article is held by the Royal Economic Society, but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of the Society.


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