Research on Accountability

The Centre conducts research into political accountability for a range of policy outcomes, with a focus on understanding major problems of accountability, and developing understanding about political accountability in new ways and applied to new cases.

We are interested in supporting a broad range of research under the theme of accountability, which links the expertise of a large number of researchers in the University of Oxford, and which contributes to greater and improved accountability through political science research.

Our research currently focuses especially on the political consequences of major policy shocks, and individual-level variation in responses to these policy shocks.

We have four streams of research in this area:

1. Understanding the sources of people’s beliefs about policy outcomes and other perceptions.

2. Developing new measures of policy-based assessments, and demonstrating their consequences.

3. Examining responses to policy outcomes via variation in individual-level circumstances, particularly as a function of economic position.

4. Exploring local-level variation in policy outcomes, and linking this to political outcomes.