WhoGov Download Form

Thank you for your interest in downloading the WhoGov dataset.

The form below asks you to enter a few details. This is entirely optional, but it would help our project if you could tell us a little about yourself and how you may use the data. We can also let you know when the data are updated.

The personal data you submit will be stored by Nuffield College and used by the WhoGov-team 1) to update you via e-mail when a new dataset is available, and 2) to gather statistics on the users of WhoGov. It is not mandatory to fill out the form and you can refrain from providing this information and go straight to the data by clicking “I am not a robot” and then “Submit”. We will keep the data for up to three years, or for as long as you wish to remain on the mailing list.
e.g. University, Research Centre, Media outlet