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Andrea Tartakowsky

DPhil in Social Policy

Broadly speaking, my research is about inequalities of socio-economic standing in societies and the role of markets, policy, and institutions in producing, perpetuating, or alleviating these inequalities. My doctoral research here at Nuffield College and the Department of Social Policy and Intervention is concerned with school reforms and educational inequality in my country of origin, Chile. This project maps labour-market and educational trajectories of individuals who attended different types of schools. In particular, I am trying to better understand the effect of voucher schools on individual career trajectories.

My background in economics (BA and two-year MSc) have equipped me with the skills to undertake advanced quantitative investigations, as evidenced by my extensive work experience with survey design and administration, as well as my research utilising large-scale data analysis. Before coming to Oxford, I worked as a consultant, and later as a civil servant for the Chilean Government in the areas of social policy design and evaluation. I conducted surveys, contributed to the development of the algorithms targeting social benefits, and studied the impact of current and prospective social programmes and interventions. This practical experience was later enriched by my MSc in Social Policy at the University of Oxford and my ongoing doctoral studies. With my research and practical experience, I hope to promote a better understanding of how socio-economic inequalities come to be, and I aim to inform and improve public policy in Chile and elsewhere.

Andrea Tartakowsky Pezoa


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