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DPhil in Sociology

Research Interests : Immigration, religion, state-formation

I am a DPhil (Phd) candidate in sociology at the University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford, I received two degrees in Politcal Science in Aarhus, Denmark and worked in Washington, DC and as a research and teaching assistant at Yale University.

I primarily work on how ethnic minorities live, work and marry in Europe and the United States and how minority and majority groups interact. Lately, I have been working especially on the difficult dating markets that highly educated Muslim women have to operate on; they often face a shortage of equally qualified men of their own group, and also face barriers to dating non-co-religionists.

Religion is also the linkage to what I have primarily worked on in the past - the interaction between religion and politics, especially in the context of non-state societies.

I am a devoted methodological pragmatist, and although I am currently mostly working with statistical survival analysis modelling, I have also worked with structural models of Latin chronicles, multi-state models for papal elections, and difference-in-differences models for European democracies.

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