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DPhil in Sociology

Research Interests : Marriage & union formation, immigration, religion, and state-formation

I am a sociologist at the University of Oxford, where I also obtained my DPhil (viva'd 2018). Before coming to Oxford, I received two degrees in Politcal Science in Aarhus, Denmark and worked in Washington, DC and as a research and teaching assistant at Yale University.

My research program revolves around two major issues: how human groups - tribes, ethnicities, nations, clans, etc. - emerge and disappear; and how (political) authority is shaped within and between them. To this end, I study a variety of more specific issues that are normally classified under several subdiscplines within demography, sociology, and political science.

My thesis work studied how dating (marriage and cohabitation) behavior differed for different educational and ethno-religious groups in Denmark. A key aspect was how these variables interact, and how that interaction itself depends on gendered structures. I wrote several papers specifically on the  marriage markets for highly-educated Muslim women, who face challenges that are unlike those faced by members of most other groups.

I am a devoted methodological pragmatist, and although I am currently mostly working with quantitative models optimized for very large (100m+ observations) datasets, I also develop models for use with web scraping, modelling, and the quantification of various qualitative sources such as medieval chronicles, twitter data, and papal election rolls.

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  • Up, Down or Out? A Competing-Risks Model of the Marriage Behavior of Ethno-Religious Minority Women. Forthcoming.

  • Not a Man's World: How Ethnic-Minority Men Have Been Left Behind. Forthcoming.

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