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Bo Rothstein

Professorial Fellow
Blavatnik Professor of Government and Public Policy

Research Interests: Innovations in public management and integrity of government.

Before joining Nuffield as a Professorial Fellow in Politics, Bo held the August Röhss Chair in Political Science at the University of Gothenburg and was also head of the Quality of Government Institute. Prior to this, he was Professor of Industrial Relations and Labour Market Policy at the Swedish Institute for Working Life Research in Stockholm.

Bo’s research centres on the question of why human well-being is higher in some countries and how the action of governments affects this. Among his main publications in English are Just Institutions Matter: The Moral and Political Logic of the Universal Welfare and Social Traps and the Problem of Trust, both with Cambridge University Press. The Quality of Government: The Political Logic of Corruption, Inequality and Social Trust was published by the University of Chicago Press in 2011 and Good Government: The Relevance of Political Science (ed. together with Sören Holmberg) was published by Edward Elgar Press in 2013.

Bo Rothstein


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"The Historical Roots of Corruption. State Building, Economic Inequality, and Mass Education." Comparative Politics (2016) 48:227-48 (together with Eric M. Uslaner)

The Quality of Government: Corruption, Social Trust and Inequality in a Comparative Perspective. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press 2011.

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Rothstein, Bo. 2015. "The Chinese Paradox of High Growth and Low Quality of Government: The Cadre Organization Meets Max Weber." Governance (2015), 28:533-48.