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Charles Rahal

Non-Stipendiary Research Fellow in Sociology
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow and Departmental Research Lecturer

Research Interests: Social Data Science, Civic Technology, Applied Econometrics (predominantly spatial and time series), Scientometrics, Public Health, Historical Demography, and Social Inequality, Mobility and Stratification more generally.

Charles is a social science methodologist and applied social data scientist with a background in high-dimensional econometrics, having completed his PhD in 2016. He is particularly interested in unique data origination processes, be they unstructured or otherwise, and is an advocate for open source and reproducible academic research. He presently teaches 'Python for Sociologists' and 'Replication', both in Michaelmas term, although he has also recently given workshops and guest lectures on the theme of 'An Introduction to Machine Learning' and 'An Introduction to the Command Line'.


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