People Feature

Christopher Barrie

DPhil in Sociology

Research Interests: Political sociology; contentious politics; conflict; Middle East politics.

I am a DPhil Candidate in Sociology at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. Prior to embarking on my doctoral research, I earned my BA in European and Middle Eastern Languages from Oxford, before completing an MSc in Middle East Politics at SOAS and an MSc in Sociology at Oxford.

I am interested in the causes, consequences, and dynamics of protest and conflict. I have published on the advent of mass nationalism in Tunisia, and the dynamics of labour protest in Egypt. My dissertation looks at the dynamics of revolution and conflict. For this, I use hand-coded datasets of protest during the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, alongside survey and qualitative interview data. Other ongoing projects include work on anti-Christian violence in Egypt, and a natural experiment probing changes in individual self-identification in Iraq after the fall of Mosul to ISIS.

Christopher Barrie