People Feature

Elli Palaiologou

DPhil in Politics

Research Interests: political legacies; conflict; critical elections; local memory.

I am a DPhil candidate in Political Science, studying the trajectories of political legacies. Focusing on the aftermath of exogenous junctures and critical elections, I examine the conditions under which the past continues to influence the political behaviour of future generations. I am also interested in the shape of this relationship, and whether it is continuous, interrupted, or erratic. In my endeavour to tackle these questions, I aim to decipher whether/how past trauma survives at the very local level, even when it is no longer politically salient and, by extension, whether/how this affects its potential re-activation when present stimuli permit so. 

Before starting my DPhil in October 2018, I earned a BSc in Politics and Philosophy (London School of Economics) and an MPhil in Politics: European Politics and Society (University of Oxford).

Elli Palaiologou