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Giovanni Maria Pala

MPhil student
MPhil in Economic and Social History

After having studied economics in Pisa (Italy) for five years, I was lucky enough to join the Nuffield community to explore and develop my interests in Economic and Social History, for which I am a reading for a MPhil degree.

I am working on completing an analysis of patent laws and protection in pre-unification Italy. The subject captured my attention for two reasons: it constitutes an example of an early implementation of a 'modernising' policy in the country and, because of unification, it might constitute the basis for a quasi-natural experiment. I hope to produce some results of interest to scholars studying regional divides or the efficacy of intellectual property laws. I have received a generous scholarship from the Instituto Einaudi and the Compagnia di San Paolo, both based in Turin, to pursue my research.

I am also interested in the relationship between cultural attitudes, science and technological development, and on how institutions shape incentives and embody specific visions of the world.
In my free time, I help in my local religious community and love to try out the good bits of life.

Giovanni Maria Pala