People Feature

Hanbo Wu

DPhil in Sociology

Research Interests: Demography; Quantitative Social Research and Methods.

I am a second-year DPhil student at the Department of Sociology and Nuffield College. My research is supported by the Oxford-Chelly Halsey Graduate Scholarship.

My DPhil project is in the broad field of social demography. In the first article of my thesis, I make use of demographic, socioeconomic, and meteorological time series to explore the long-term relationship between maternal condition and offspring sex ratio in Sweden over the past two and a half centuries (also known as the Trivers-Willard hypothesis). I find no supporting evidence for the hypothesis. I am now working on the second article which aims at deepening understanding of China's birth control policies and their impact on sex ratio imbalance and gender inequalities.

In addition to my research, I also teach the honour school paper Demography and Population / Comparative Demographic Systems to undergraduate students reading for BA Human Sciences / PPE / History and Politics at Keble, Magdalen, Mansfield, Merton, St Benet’s, and St Hugh's.

Prior to coming to Oxford, I was a student fellow of the European Doctoral School of Demography at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (Rostock, Germany) and the University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark). I had also studied in Australia and received a bachelor's degree in economics from Macquarie University (Sydney) as well as a master's degree in social research from the Australian National University (Canberra), where I wrote a thesis on demographic analysis of Australian mortality in the nineteenth century.

Hanbo Wu