People Feature

Hanbo Wu

DPhil in Sociology

Research interests: Demography.

I am a third-year Sociology DPhil student under the supervision of Dr. Ridhi Kashyap. My research is supported by an Oxford-Chelly Halsey Graduate Scholarship.

In my dissertation, I study three topics in social demography: (1) the relationship between maternal stress and sex ratio at birth in Sweden, (2) the effect of maternal education on child mortality in Bangladesh, and (3) the health consequences of China's one-child policy.

I teach an honour school paper Demography and Population/Comparative Demographic Systems to undergraduates reading Human Sciences/PPE/History and Politics at Harris Manchester, Hertford, Keble, Magdalen, Mansfield, Merton, Regent’s Park, St Benet’s Hall, St Catherine's, and St Hugh's Colleges. I also work as a teaching assistant for an MSc/MPhil core paper Statistical Methods at the Department of Sociology.

I received an undergraduate degree in economics from Macquarie University and a master's degree in social research from the Australian National University. I also attended the European Doctoral School of Demography 2017/18, where I was funded by Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and the University of Southern Denmark.

Hanbo Wu