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Jack Blundell

DPhil student
DPhil in Economics

Research Interests: Labour markets, Technology, Education and Inequality.

I am currently pursuing the DPhil in Economics, having started my PhD in Economics at Stanford University. My research covers labour markets, technology, education and inequality. I am a contributor to the CORE project, an open-access, interactive course for anyone interested in learning about the economy. I'm also keen on the application of methods from computer science and data science to economics, particularly data visualisation. I am investigating questions such as:

  • How can we apply Machine Learning techniques to better understand intergenerational mobility?
  • Can we identify how technological change influences the demand for different types of labour market skills, and what the policy implications are?
  • What is the production technology with which different skills and parental investments interact throughout childhood to determine cognitive ability and health status?

I hold an MPhil in Economics from Balliol College, Oxford and a BSc in Economics from University College London.

Jack Blundell