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Jan Flaherty

Postdoctoral Research Officer, CSI
Homelessness Project, Centre for Social Investigation

Research interests: Poverty, social exclusion, homelessness

Jan Flaherty joined the Centre for Social Investigation in November 2018 as a Postdoctoral Research Officer.  She is an experienced qualitative researcher working with Dr Elisabeth Garrett on a project examining homelessness pathways in Oxford and the role of support services in a local context.

Jan was previously a Research Associate at Durham University on an action research project exploring the dynamics of debt and high-cost credit in low income households and the potential for sustainable alternatives.  She also conducted research for the Scottish charity Poverty Alliance on behalf of the Scottish Borders Commission on Poverty and Social Exclusion to investigate the impact of poverty in the region.  Recently Jan has worked as an Intensive Support Worker with families with multiple and complex needs.

Jan Flaherty


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