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Jasmine Bhatia

DPhil student
DPhil in Politics

Research Interests: Public legitimacy, international aid, and civil wars.

Jasmine Bhatia is a doctoral candidate in Politics at Oxford University. Her work focuses on a variety of issues related to public legitimacy, international aid, and civil wars, with a particular emphasis on fragile states. Ms. Bhatia's thesis investigates determinants of subnational conflict in Afghanistan and draws from interviews and a series of innovative survey experiments conducted over several months of fieldwork. Ms. Bhatia’s research is funded in part by the International Growth Centre and Nuffield College, in collaboration with the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences at Nuffield. Ms. Bhatia holds previous degrees from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, the London School of Economics, and the University of Calgary.

In addition to her academic credentials, Ms. Bhatia is an experienced international development professional with years of experience working in the Middle East and Africa. Ms. Bhatia has worked as a research director and consultant for the United Nations and a number of NGOs and development firms on projects ranging from private sector development, local governance, health, education, counterterrorism and violent extremism, refugee issues, and aid effectiveness. She is currently a part-time consultant at ATR Consulting, a research company with offices in Afghanistan, the UAE, and Mali.

Ms. Bhatia has tutored undergraduate courses in Introduction to International Relations and Comparative Revolutions and was nominated for a teaching award from Tufts University.

Jasmine Bhatia