People Feature

Joan Madia

DPhil in Sociology

I am a DPhil student in Sociology and a non-stipendiary affiliate member at the Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (FBK-IRVAPP) in Italy. My research interests focus on drawing causal inference from non-randomly selected samples, especially in settings of imperfect compliance; the causes and consequences of Educational Inequality and the evaluation of policies and programs aimed at reducing it.

My thesis looks at the problem of conditioning on collider variables/endogenous variables in the setting of causal mediation analysis and educational decisions. From a more substantive point of view, I am applying this methodology to disentangle performance and choice effects in educational stratification.

In addition, I am collaborating in two parallels projects that look at studying the living condition of disadvantaged groups (youth and elderly population) in Europe, applying micro-simulation and counterfactual methods. In this line of research, I am particularly interested in the application of structural models such as RURO  (Random Utility Random Opportunity) and DCDP (Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming) models.

Joan Madia