People Feature

Joshua Le Cornu

MPhil in Economics

I've joined Nuffield College as an Economics MPhil student after spending twelve months working as a consultant on cartel and merger cases. Now returning to academia, I am looking to incorporate a data science orientated slant on the advancement of core economic theory studies.  

After specialising in microeconomics during my undergraduate degree at the University of Warwick, my research interests lie around network theory, fragility, contagion and connectivity structures. More specifially, I will be researching the role of varied lending agreements in a theoretical network formation model of the interbank lending network. 

Away from the research desk I am a keen golfer and irregular squash player, also currently working as a Research Assistant in the area of quantitative finance with Dr. James Dodd of The Witness Corporation and more recently in the area of Machine Learning Applications with Dr. Michael McMahon.


Joshua Le Cornu