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Julia Behrman

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow

Julia Behrman’s research explores the relationship between inequality in educational opportunity and demographic processes, with emphasis on fertility and family formation. Much of her work is motivated by a central question: how does family background shape educational opportunities, and in turn, how does education shape fertility, family formation, and the intergenerational transmission of inequality? Her work takes an international comparative perspective that focuses on contexts in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia undergoing rapid economic, social, and demographic change.

Behrman’s research has received awards from American Sociological Association Sections on Education, Population, and Development; the Society for the Study of Social Problems; the Population Association of America; and the Sociologist AIDS Network. Her research has received funding form the South African Medical Research Council and the NYU Global Research Institute. She received her PhD from New York University in Sociology in 2017.

Julia Behrman