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Marianne Bruins

Research Interests : Labour Economics, Public Economics and Econometrics.

I am an academic economist who specialises in labour economics, public economics and econometrics. I am currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at Oxford University affiliated with Nuffield College, a Research Associate at Yale University and at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. I completed my PhD in Economics at Yale University between 2009-2014.

My research agenda is primarily concerned with the impact of cash welfare on child welfare and outcomes. I am particularly interested in the extent to which cash welfare can be redesigned to improve the well-being of disadvantaged children. My current work focuses on welfare-to-work programs and children in sole-parent households, but I also have work examining broader questions about cash welfare and how it should be distributed across different family types.

I am also interested in the impact of household behavior on trends in intergenerational mobility, and have some papers in econometrics.

Marianne Bruins


'Women’s Economic Opportunities and the Intra-household Production of Child Human Capital',  Labour Economics (2017)

'Generalized Indirect Inference in Discrete Choice Models', with James Duffy, Mike Keane, and Tony Smith, Journal of Econometrics (forthcoming)