People Feature

Megan Scott

DPhil in Sociology

Research Interests: Social stratification of educational and occupational attainment.

I am a DPhil student in Sociology at Nuffield College, specialising in young people's occupational preferences and work values. My current research considers differences by gender and socio-economic background in the UK. More broadly, I am interested in the social stratification of educational and occupational attainment and in policies that aim to decrease these inequalities.

I hold a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and an MSc in Sociology, both from the University of Oxford. I teach the undergraduate course Sociology of Post-Industrial Societies.

I am passionate about bridging the gap between policy and academia. In 2017, I spent three months working with the Youth Policy team in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and I remain involved in the cross-government social mobility network. Prior to starting my postgraduate study, I worked as an auditor for KPMG LLP, and completed the ACA professional accounting qualification. At KPMG I worked as a Smart Development Ambassador, encouraging professional development across the firm.

Megan Scott