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Meredith Paker

MPhil student
MPhil in Economic and Social History

Meredith Paker is an MPhil candidate in Economic and Social History currently studying interwar unemployment and economic methodology. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and with concentrations in Mathematics and Computer Science. Her academic awards include the Marshall Scholarship for graduate study at Oxford and the University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship.

Meredith Paker


(with David Bradford and William Lastrapes), 'Not Working is Depressing: Unemployment, Economic Insecurity, and Mental Health Drugs', Under review.

(with David Bradford and Jonathan Williams), 'The Incidence of Off-Label Prescriptions is Higher for Vulnerable Populations', Under review.

'The Effect of Off-Label Promotion Prosecution on Off-Label Prescribing Rates', Undergraduate honors thesis.