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Nate Rosenblatt

DPhil in Sociology

I am conducting a social network analysis of terrorist group recruitment as a DPhil student in sociology at Oxford University. In general, I am interested in deploying innovative methodologies in challenging research environments, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In addition to my doctoral work, I am a Fellow at the New America International Security Program and a member of the Syria reconstruction working group at the Atlantic Council.

I have worked as an independent consultant for 8 years, including with the World Bank and USAID, to assess development and conflict in the MENA region. I have worked, lived, and conducted fieldwork in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, and the Arabian Peninsula. I graduated with a BA and MA in Economics, International Relations, and Middle East Studies from Johns Hopkins University, and an MSc with distinction in Sociology from Oxford University.

Find me on Twitter - @naterosenblatt

Nathaniel Rosenblatt