People Feature

Nicole Luongo

DPhil in Sociology

Research interests: medical sociology; medicalization; disordered eating; street-involved youth; qualitative methods

I am a DPhil candidate in the department of sociology and Nuffield College. Very broadly, I study medicalization - that is, the social, economic, cultural, and political processes through which human conditions or problems come to be labeled and treated as illnesses. More specifically, my research examines how disordered eating manifests under conditions of extreme socioeconomic marginalization. To this end, I work with street-involved youth for whom diagnosis and detection of disordered eating is frequently overlooked due to structural constraints such as poverty and dis-engagement with the nuclear family. I employ in-depth, qualitative methods such as ethnography to assess how topics such as food, weight, and body image are articulated, experienced, and embodied within this population.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in sociology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I also have several years of experience as a front-line youth worker, and have worked with research projects assessing the impact of extreme poverty on various health and social outcomes.

Nicole Luongo