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Richard Johnson

DPhil student
DPhil in Politics

Research Interests: Racial campaign strategies.

My main research focus is on race and democracy in the United States. In particular, I am interested in how African Americans' access to political power in the United States can be understood as part of a process of democratisation. My research includes studies of campaign politics, racial policy, party polarisation, and political institutions.

I am also interested in British party politics, with a focus on the Labour Party. I have written about party activism, internal party democracy, history and policy, political institutions, and traditions of British socialist thought.

Richard Johnson


'Black Democrats in White America: Racial Campaign Strategies in Majority-White Contexts', Thesis, 2017.  

'Racially Polarised Partisanship and the Obama Presidency', in The Obama Presidency and the Politics of Change, 2017.

'Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration', in Developments in American Politics 8, 2017.

'Overrepresenting UKIP, Underrepresenting the Greens and Lib Dems: The 2014 EU Elections in Great Britain'

(with Ashley Walsh), Camaraderie: One Hundred Years of the Cambridge Labour Party, 1912-2012, 2012.