People Feature

Riley Taiji

DPhil in Sociology

My current research interests surround sociological and demographic questions on how working families interact with contemporary labour markets in Europe. I am particularly interested in the use of novel data sources and quasi-experimental statistical research methods to explore the causes and consequences of nonstandard employment arrangements.  

In my doctoral thesis, I explore the effects of nonstandard work schedules (i.e. shift work, variable hours, evening work, weekend work) on workers and their families. While these effects have been well-studied in past through qualitative and small-N research, my work focuses on finding ways to explore the relationship through empirically rigorous methods on new large-scale data sources. 

Prior to starting my DPhil, I received a BSc in Sociology from Cornell University and a MSc in Social Policy Analysis from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven).

Riley Taiji