People Feature

Rufaida Al Hashmi

DPhil in Politics

I am a DPhil student in Political Theory working on a thesis on discrimination in immigration policy. I am interested in the ways in which borders are open for some, and closed for others. In the first part of my thesis, I examine the normative justifiability of the various practices of immigrant selection in which states engage. In the second part, I explore the normative implications of discrimination in the history of immigration policy. More broadly, my research interests are in nationality and citizenship, social and global justice, and historical injustice. 

I am a Stipendiary Lecturer in Political Theory at Mansfield College, University of Oxford.

My doctoral research is supported by a Clarendon Scholarship and a Nuffield College Award. Prior to the DPhil, I completed the MSc in Political Theory Research at the University of Oxford, where I was funded by the Jusoor Scholarship at St Antony’s College.

Rufaida Al Hashmi