People Feature

Sarah Schneider-Alia

DPhil in Sociology

After having graduated from the University of Mannheim in Germany with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology, Sarah is now reading for an MPhil degree in Sociology and Demography.

Her research interests are migration and education, currently focusing on direct and indirect effects of emigration on education in Albania. Using a household survey, she is examining the opposing effects of remittances and parental absence, as well as information about labour markets abroad on educational attainment of children. She also has a broader interest in the Wester Balkan countries and the sociology of religion.

Prior to coming to Oxford, Sarah interned at the Research Services of the German Parliament and while in Mannheim taught a revision class about the social structure of Germany and worked part-time as a research assistant in the Mannheim Institute of Public Health, co-authoring a systematic review on the influence of the food industry on child obesity.

Sarah Schneider-Alia