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Yuan Yi Zhu

DPhil student
DPhil in International Relations

Research Interests: Foreign Policy and diplomacy, History, Law and International law.

I am a DPhil candidate in International Relations at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. My research is concerned with the evolution of international law at a time of global power shifts. In particular, I am interested in the influence of rising powers such as China on international law's structures and legal doctrines.

I am an associate at the London Centre of International Law Practice and an editor of the St Antony's International Review.

Before coming to Oxford, I obtained a BA from McGill University and a MPhil in International Relations and Politics from the University of Cambridge.

Yuan Yi Zhu


CIFOR-UNIKIS-CISDL Sustainable Landscapes Law and Governance Info Brief Series (co-editor), Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge (2016)