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Prof Janne Jonsson
Job Title : Official Fellow
Academic Group : Sociology
College Group : Sociology
University Department : Sociology
Research Interests : Social stratification in general; educational inequality; social mobility; ethnic inequality and integration; poverty; child wellbeing.
Telephone : +44(0)1865 278513
Nuffield College
New Road
Oxford, OX1 1NF
United Kingdom


Biographical Sketch


Research interests

My main research area is social stratification, such as studies of intergenerational processes and inequality in opportunity and in living conditions. ​Social mobility and the class structure, educational inequality, poverty, family, ethnic inequality and integration, as well as children's wellbeing are my fields of my interest. Since 1998 I am the director of the Swedish level of living survey, and since 2009 the Swedish PI for the international study CILS4EU, on ethnic integration of young people. 

Recent Publications and Working Papers

Further information about my research, including links to publications, can be found here.
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