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The academic focus and small size of Nuffield College make it unique in Oxford: it provides a collaborative and supportive social and academic environment. Current students would be happy to talk with you about any aspect of life at Nuffield; please contact our Academic Administration Department, who will put you in touch with them.

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Abhishek Parajuli (Mphil Politics - Comparative Government, 2015 – present)
Three factors make Nuffield the best place to be a Social Scientist at Oxford. First, Nuffield is a community that celebrates ideas. One example of this is the amazing discussions you will have over lunch or tea. Abortion. Gun-control. Immigration. Trump. Every meal will leave you richer in ideas and insight. Second, Nuffield is a small college with a focus on the Social Sciences. Within a short time, you will get to know and become friends with a fantastic group of scholars, all of whom are doing cutting edge research in the Social Sciences. This makes getting constant feedback on your ideas and projects or finding collaborators for papers incredibly easy. Finally, Nuffield has a great reputation in Europe and the US which draws amazing visiting scholars for an unmatched set of College seminars. Many of these visitors are also happy to meet you individually and talk about your ideas–in my first term here, I have met and discussed my thesis with Robert Putnam and Avinash Dixit among others. The incredible people, resources and facilities make Nuffield a fantastic choice for any budding Social Scientist.
Artur Doshchyn (MPhil Economics, 2014-present)
I came to Nuffield in 2014 to do my MPhil in Economics. I applied to this college in the knowledge that it is the best in Oxford for social sciences: its excellent library and number of fellows who specialize in one subject are impossible to match. But there is so much more to love about Nuffield. The student community is small, but extremely friendly and united. Fellows are easy to access, and quite often hang out in the JCR or student bar. Administration is very understanding and willing to help with any problems one might have. Food wise, Nuffield is simply the best college in town hands down (so one must not forget to sign up for rowing!). Some of the most intellectually enriching conversations I have ever had happened during coffee breaks in the JCR – and coffee is in an unlimited supply here to support the advance of human knowledge. Without a doubt, going Nuffield was one of the best decisions in my life.
Matthias Dilling (MPhil Politics, 2012-2014, DPhil Politics, 2014-present)
After having finished my Bachelor in Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin, I came to Nuffield to do an MPhil in Comparative Government in October 2012. During the application process, Nuffield has been the most attractive college to me as a graduate college specialized in the social sciences seemed to provide ideal working conditions. At the end of my first year, I can state that Nuffield has exceeded all my expectations. Besides the academic support, including an own office and a research allowance, I have been impressed by the motivated staff taking care of nearly everything that could distract you from your studies, such as accommodation issues or book requests. In addition, its small size makes Nuffield not only a perfect academic institution, but also a place where you can feel at home.     
 Richard Johnson (MPhil Politics, 2012-2014, DPhil Politics, 2014-present)
I came to Nuffield in 2012 after an undergraduate degree in Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge. Nuffield offers a different experience from many other colleges, and there is much to commend it. Its small size, graduate intake, and social science focus are all striking advantages. At a larger college, it is easy to get lost in the mix, but everyone at Nuffield is friendly and welcoming. The ethos of the college is also special.  Many of the college's amenities operate on a trust basis, and there are few pretensions among students, academics, and staff. The college promotes an easy mix between students and fellows, which I believe must be rare among the Oxbridge colleges.  The intellectual environment of the College is also unmatched, with daily seminars on a range of engaging topics. Finally, Nuffield offers an extremely well-sourced library, excellent student working environments, easy access to some of the best scholars in the fields, and generous financial support. For all this and more, I am grateful to be a part of this special academic environment.
Juta Kawalerowicz (DPhil Sociology, 2012-present)
I joined Nuffield in autumn 2012 to do a DPhil in Sociology. Prior to joining the college, I studied Sociology and a joint degree in Mathematics and Sociology at Oxford and Aberdeen. I remember that back in 2010, when I came to Oxford for the first time, I was impressed with the facilities and thought that the university reminded me of some sort of academic Las Vegas. Having spent more time in Oxford, I came to the conclusion that Nuffield is the best place for studying Sociology. This is as much down to an excellent library, generous research provisions, availability of seminars and debates attended by top academics as it is the unique community of likeminded people who share a common interest in social sciences.  Where else would you find a room full of college members holding an election party in the early hours of the morning with a special prize for the most accurate predictions? Additionally, the college is known for its commitment to methodological innovations and interdisciplinary research, so I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in these. But keep your mind open – there are plenty of inspiring people around.
Leon Musolff (MPhil Economics, 2014-present)
Having finished my BA in PPE at University College (Oxford), I came to Nuffield college to continue my studies with the MPhil Economics in 2014. It has been (and as I am writing this still is) an amazing experience. Having come from one of the bigger undergraduate colleges, I was initially worried about going to such a small college - but I should not have been. The Nuffield community was extremely welcoming and sociable: whether it is passionate discussions over scones at afternoon tea, evenings at the always well-stocked Nuffield Bar or the traditional pantomime at the end of Michaelmas Term - the Nuffield social calendar is always there to distract you from your studies when you need distraction. At the same time, of course, the Nuffield academic community is always there to support you when you need support: and with an astonishingly easy access to professors and the general passion for the social sciences that permeates the college, there is always bound to be somebody who is keen to help
Dingeman Wiertz (DPhil Sociology, 2011-2015)
Without any exaggeration, choosing to come to Nuffield has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Academically the college has totally lived up to my expectations as being the place to be for social scientists in Oxford, and the quality of accommodation and financial support offered is simply unparalleled. In my opinion, though, Nuffield’s social community is what makes the college truly stand out amongst other academic top institutes, with a very warm and friendly atmosphere, where everyone knows each other. In this context, Nuffield lunch is for me an absolute highlight every day; I have had the most interesting and hilarious conversations there, many of which extend well beyond the social sciences. The legendary Christmas pantomime, in which all new members of college participate and mock college life, is another great example of how Nuffield provides more than only an academic home to its students, and as a sports fan I should here certainly also mention the boat club that Nuffield shares with Linacre College.


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