Migration to Nexus365

Guidance for people migrating email accounts to Office 365

This is happening as part of the Nexus365 project.

The main College migration date is set as overnight 3-4 April 2018.

Many Nuffield members however, migrate with their department (16-17 April, but taught-course students may migrate in July).  Look out for emails from the "Nexus 365 Project" which will indicate the date of your migration.  These emails should arrive with you 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to your migration date.  You will be asked to close your email software (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail) the evening before and log in the following day with your SSO username and usual SSO password.

Please note that your SSO username now needs to be of the form:  sso@OX.AC.UK (please note the capitalisation: this is important).

For example: nuff1234@OX.AC.UK

If you use Outlook for Windows or Mac, it should keep working without issue, once your new-format username has been given.

If you access your email from a phone or tablet, or similar hand-held device, you may need to delete the 'account' (or profile) that represents Nexus, and re-enter it.  The following help may be of assistance.