Nuffield Politics Research Centre and Westminster Bridge

The Nuffield Politics Research Centre supports research into accountability, representation, and the study of British elections.

We also seek to bridge academic research in politics and non-academic audiences via Westminster Bridge at Nuffield College.

Our aims are:

1. To conduct innovative research, of greatest long-term benefit to the public, into problems and challenges in contemporary politics

2. To specialise in questions of accountability and representation; including the ways in which mass publics respond to policy outcomes and other political developments

3. To better communicate political science research to people in public life

Professor Jane Green is the Director of the Centre.

The Centre hosts affiliated Research Fellows whose academic or political work is consistent with our aims and ambitions. Current Fellows are Professor Gary King, Harvard University and the Rt Hon. Liam Byrne MP.

We are home to the Oxford-based Co-Directors of the British Election Study, first founded at Nuffield College by Sir David Butler.


The Centre builds on the activities of the former Gwilym Gibbon Centre for Public Policy, directed by Iain McLean, which bridged the study of government and public policy making.