A Gift in Your Will

Remembering Nuffield College in your Will has a lasting impact and constitutes a wonderful way of sharing your achievements with future generations.

The most common types of legacies are:

Residuary: A gift of all or part of what is left of your estate after settlement of all debts, taxes, costs and other legacies. This has the advantage of automatically keeping up with inflation.

Reversionary: This can be an attractive way of providing for your spouse or wider family first, and then benefitting the College. It involves leaving your assets to trustees, so that named beneficiaries can enjoy the income during their lifetime, with the whole or a portion going to Nuffield College on their death.

Pecuniary: This involves leaving a specific sum of money. You can arrange for the gift to be increased in line with inflation.

Conditional: This addresses the possibility that if none of your named dependants survive you, your estate will be left to the College.

Specific: This is the gift of specified personal possessions such as property, works of art or stocks or shares to the College. We would be grateful if you would consult in advance if you wish to do this.

Whichever type of legacy you decide is right, it is essential to seek advice from your solicitor, who is best placed to advise you and ensure that your wishes can be carried out as you intend.


Information for your solicitor:

Registered Charity Number: 1137506

Official title of the College: The Warden and Fellows of Nuffield College in the University of Oxford

Sample wording: “I give to the Warden and Fellows of Nuffield College, in the University of Oxford, ……………  (insert amount) for the general purposes of the College and declare that the receipt of the Bursar for the time being of the said College shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors.”

Legacy Brochure

The Development Office is currently working on a legacy brochure that will include pledge forms. If you would like to receive a brochure in due course, please contact us.