An extremely significant source of research support is the College's generous library provision. The extensive collection of material in the Library is intended to meet the coursework and research needs of the College. The Library's policy is to acquire major journals and material in the fields of economics, politics, sociology and modern political, economic and social history, the principal British official publications, and the most significant English-language academic books as soon as they are published.

Students have access to the Library at all hours and enjoy liberal borrowing rights. There is also a reader workstation giving access to a range of electronic resources. For more information, please visit our Library pages.


The College has a dedicated IT department, consisting of the Director of IT, IT Infrastructure Analyst, IT Support Officer and IT Officer. Every student room has a link to the College network and the Internet. New students are provided with a generous computer start-up allowance. If a computer is not purchased then these funds are rolled into the student's research allowance. Wired and wireless networks provide access to printers, central file stores, academic and compute servers and appropriate applications.

Additional computing resources are provided by the University, and students home departments.

For more information, visit our IT pages


All students are eligible for office space in or near the College for up to four years, depending on year of entry. All office spaces include an Ethernet connection, and contain a desk and chair, plus some shelving or storage space. A wireless internet network is installed throughout the College.


An annual Research Allowance is provided to students in their first four Nuffield Student Years, for academic activities related to their studies. MPhil and MSc students are allocated a research allowance of £262 per annum, and DPhil students are allocated a research allowance of £708 per annum.


Students in their Fifth Nuffield Student Year up to and including the term in which they submit their thesis will be eligible for a termly Completion Grant. The grant is equivalent in value to the Completion Charge levied by the University, which in 2018/19 is £468 per term, and is designed to cover this charge.


In addition to the research allowance, the College currently administers a Travel Grants scheme to assist research travel. Students can apply for travel grants to cover the costs of, among other things, travel for conferences, fieldwork abroad, or other research costs.


The College has arrangements to facilitate the research of students working on topics related to the United States or to Western Europe. In the past exchanges have been arranged with institutions such as Yale (Political Science), Juan March Institute in Madrid, Stockholm (Sociology) and Harvard (Economics).


Meals are provided for all members of College in the College Hall throughout the year, apart from short closed periods at Christmas and Easter. Students within their first six Nuffield Student Years are entitled to take lunch in College at no charge on days when the kitchens are open. The College kitchen received recently one of Oxford City Council's coveted Heartbeat Awards for the wide range and standard of food offered. There is also a well-equipped student kitchen. 

Parental Provisions

The College has its own comprehensive Student Parental Leave Policy, full details of which can be found in the Student Handbook. Students seeking parental leave are advised to consult the terms and conditions of any funding which they hold, as appropriate. The College’s aim is to support pregnant students and students on parental leave, and to ensure that they are not disadvantaged.

Nuffield College has access to one sponsored nursery place, and matriculated students are eligible to apply for this place at one of the University’s nurseries, if the place is available. The University’s nursery provision is oversubscribed, and there is a long waiting list, therefore it is advisable to apply for a place as soon as possible. The University's webpages on childcare provide an excellent source of information for students.

Junior Common Room

The Junior Common Room is the means by which students can connect with each other and organise themselves for social, cultural and academic occasions. The space and facilities are provided by the College and managed by students. Find out more about the Junior Common Room.