In Praise of Skepticism

  • 12 Oct 2021

    12:30-14:00, LLR (speaker joining online)

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Speaker: Pippa Norris

Kennedy School, Harvard

Please note: This is a hybrid event. You can join online (please contact or you can attend in-person (Large Lecture Room, Nuffield College, L staircase). However, if you attend in-person, please note that a maximum room capacity of 30 will be in operation and masks must be worn at all times. Please arrive in good time to avoid any disappointment. A sandwich lunch will be provided in the Clay Room from 12.00pm to 12.30 (adjacent to the Large Lecture Theatre). If the in-person audience of the LLR exceeds 30 you will be able to join the seminar online in the Conference Room (upstairs). NB: Please note no food and drink can be consumed in the LLR

The Political Science Seminar Series is convened by Pepper Culpepper, Ezequiel Gonzalez Ocantos and Jane Green. For more information on this or any of the seminars in the series, please contact