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Simeon Goldstraw

DPhil in Politics: Political Theory

I am a DPhil student in Politics (Political Theory) supported by a Nuffield College Award. My research focuses on the place of leisure and arts and culture in liberal political theory. My thesis, Establishing a Political Claim to Leisure, argues that all citizens should have the 'capability' to be at leisure as a matter of justice, and defends state provision of leisure goods (including social conditions, public goods, and free time) under some circumstances. My post-doctoral project idea proposes considering how issues surrounding cultural capital - including taste in leisure and arts - may force liberals to revise their longstanding assumptions about topics such as equality, integration, and philosophical method. 

I also have an interest in matters pertaining to labour justice, freedom of speech, and artistic expression. I have published a paper on when comedians should be held responsible for the harms of their comedy.

I previously studied Politics at Cardiff University (First) and the Political Theory MSc at the London School of Economics (Distinction). I have taught undergraduate papers on the history of political thought and contemporary political theory at Oxford.

When I'm not reading philosophy, I like running and juggling, neither of which I am very good at.

Simeon Goldstraw


'Marx on leisure: an Aristotelian interpretation', Canadian Journal of Political Science. (forthcoming, online first)

‘“It was just a joke!” Comedy and Freedom of Speech’, European Journal of Political Theory. (forthcoming, online first)

Book review of Emily McTernan's On Taking Offence. Journal of Applied Philosophy 41(2) pp. 383-385.